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"I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love."
- J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Saturday Six - July 13, 2013

1. Who is the last person whose photo you took? Probably my grandson, Levi.

2. Who most recently took a photo of you? I can't recall anyone doing this recently.

3. When you take a photo, what camera or device do you prefer to use? I generally use my phone.  I don't own a digital camera and I don't prefer our film camera.

4. Do you have any social media accounts on which you share your photography? Sometimes I share pictures on Facebook or Google + and I put some on my blog sometimes.

5. Do you ever browse someone else’s photography for creative inspiration? Sometimes.

6. When was the last time you had a roll of film developed? Earlier this year after the grand kid's birthdays.

These are the Saturday Six from Patrick's Place!

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