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"I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love."
- J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday 9: Endless Summer

These are the Saturday 9 from this site.

1) The best-selling Beach Boys album of all time is this two disc greatest hits compilation. Do you have favorite Beach Boys song? All Summer Long - I've no idea why.

2) The original members of the group were the Wilson brothers, their cousin Mike and a friend from the neighborhood. Have you ever worked with a family member? Yes.  My twin sister and I worked at a motel as maids for a couple summers.

3) Originally released in the mid-1970s, Endless Summer was one of the first fast-selling albums sold on TV. Have you ever picked up the phone and purchased anything directly from TV? I think I did order some knives once.  Ginsu knives...  *rolls her eyes*

4) The Beach Boys are very popular in Australia. Have you ever been Down Under? No, but I hope to visit one day!

5) Actor John Stamos played bongos on the Beach Boys' hit, "Kokomo." In his younger days, Stamos was Blackie on the daytime drama, General Hospital. Have you ever followed a soap opera? Yes.  I watched General Hospital during the Luke and Laura era. It became too ridiculous after a while so I stopped.

6) Many Beach Boys songs revolve around the surf. How are you on a surf board? I've never tried and I don't think I ever will!  I lack coordination!

7) Would you prefer summer to be endless? Or do you enjoy the changing seasons? I'm not a huge fan of summer - or winter, for that matter.  I like the moderate temperatures of spring and fall.

8) Do your summer 2013 plans include a trip to a waterpark? No.

9) Describe your swimsuit. Um...It's a one-piece with a blue/green design. Nothing special.


  1. I would hate to work as a hotel maid. I bet you had some stories to tell....

    1. Not really. It really wasn't that bad. It was a motel frequented by families on vacation.
      I found worse messes when I worked for a cleaning service where we cleaned homes of people who were better off. My experiences have taught me that those with more money tend to do less cleaning up after themselves. Those of us with not as much don't leave a horrible mess for someone else to clean.

  2. I have never heard that Beach Boys song. You are sending me to You Tube to find it!

    1. It wasn't as common as some of them. Perhaps that's why I enjoy it more.