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- J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

Friday, June 21, 2013

In Which I Try Out Random Blog Topic Generators

As I mentioned last week, I've been having a rough time coming up with something to blog about on Fridays.  This week, I thought I'd see what the interwebs could offer to help me out!

Did you know that there are blog topic generators out there?  Neither did I until I did a Google search!  I thought this seemed like a terrific idea to get the old creative juices running so I thought I'd check them out.

The first one I tried was from Top Mommy Blogs. The suggestion was:  Share a yummy cookie recipe.  Huh. Well, I suppose I could do that as I do have "yummy" recipes but that isn't the sort of thing I do here.

I clicked refresh and got: Your #1 fav baby gadget. Well...  I've not had an actual infant around for quite a while and I'm sure I'm not up on the latest things...

Which reminds me!  I heard yesterday on the news that Maryland has outlawed the sale of crib bumpers! Yes, I can see where they might be a safety hazard, I suppose.  I just find it amazing that any of my children managed to make it out of infanthood alive!  Our crib rails were too far apart, we put them to sleep on their stomachs and used crib bumpers in their cribs to make them look pretty! May as well have let them crawl through broken glass and garbage!  But I digress...

I decided that that particular blog topic generator was geared more toward young mothers so I tried another  one. The next one was from Blogtap and it is a little different. This one offers several different categories of topics to choose or you can get a random topic chosen from any category. I decided to go with that idea and I clicked.  The origin of pi. Wow. I'm speechless.  I'm not sure I know the origins of pi, though I guess I could find out and tell you all about it. I'm not sure that would be entertaining for either of us...

Coincidentally, I do know the origins of the pie that appeared in my refrigerator sometime yesterday:  K's mother. See, K tells her all the time that I don't bake for him - and he's right.  I really don't bake a lot.  I do have a reason, though.  We really don't need extra sweets in the house or we will outgrow the house!  They disagree, however, so she is happy to bake for him occasionally.  This time it was some weird blueberry/peach pie.  K complained that she used a store-bought crust but I figure beggars can't be choosers!  He ate 1/4 of it last night and another 1/4 of it this morning.  At this rate, it'll be gone by noon tomorrow -which is fine as I really don't want to have to look at it as I won't be eating any of it.

Back on topic, I decided to give this one another try. World religion and cult secrets.  (I am seriously not making this up.) As an atheist, I don't think that I really want to delve into that topic. I'm going to try narrowing down the focus by choosing a category.  Health seems safe!

I click and it gives me: Eating greens.  Okay!  I'm game.

Eat your greens.  They're good for you.

The end.

Have a good one, all!

The image today is of a steam driven turbine generator and it was found here. Yes.  A random generator. Enjoy.

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