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- J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

Friday, June 28, 2013

Cheese and crackers - or my latest obsessions

I go in spurts sometimes as far as interests go.  For example, you might remember my obsession over Santa face mugs late last year...

Yeah.  I know I'm weird.

Anyway, right now I seem to be on a baking spree.  Of course this really is the wrong time of the year for me to decide to heat up the house with the oven and it's been so humid that anything risen will be a challenge! But, I want to make things, anyway!!  And so, I will.

A while back I saw a recipe for making your own graham crackers and I became obsessed with making them myself!  I finally found graham flour - which is why I didn't try them right away - so this weekend, I'll be making graham crackers!  I'm so excited!

I keep thinking that then we can have s'mores cooked out at our new fire pit made with homemade graham crackers!

oh... I wonder if I should make my own marshmallows, too! Hmmm...

But, anyway...

Next up is making a cheese souffle!!  I've never made one but, again, I've become obsessed with the idea.  First I need to buy a souffle dish and find a decent cheese.  I found a recipe that I'm going to try - and a video by Alton Brown on them so I think I'll be alright with the how. I was reading the comments on the recipe and folks were saying that you need to use a decent cheese for the recipe and several people talk about going to their local cheese shop to obtain it.

Cheese shop?

Quick quiz:  Where do you live and do you have a cheese shop near you?

Yeah.  I actually had to Google for any near me.  The closest is 25 miles from here.  That's closer than the nearest Wegmans - which also has a fine selection of cheeses - so I'll probably go check it out.  I want a good cheddar for my souffle, after all...

So!  There you have it. All this fuss over cheese and crackers.

What are your latest obsessions?

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