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- J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Balls, balls and... balls.

I was browsing Amazon one day and I noticed a product that I was sure had gone the way of the dinosaurs:  Laundry Balls!

Several years ago these were all the rage!  The manufacturers told us we could wash our laundry without using detergent! Just pop your laundry ball (example in the picture) into the washer with the clothing! We could save money! We could save the planet!  We could.... smell badly.  Yeah...  Turns out they don't work.  Sure, sometimes we don't need detergent and swishing around our laundry in water will remove light dirt but if we are dealing with sweat and stains, we need a decent detergent to help out.

I also noticed a different product on Amazon:  Dryer Balls!

For a low, low price, you can purchase plastic balls to put in your dryer (see picture to the right) in place of fabric softener sheets.  They promise to dry your clothing faster and soften without adding chemicals and it's possible they might do those things. Some of them claim to reduce static cling and well...  they won't reduce static cling - one of the major reasons I use dryer sheets in the first place - or provide a clean scent.  So, yeah. You can buy these or you can use tennis balls or clean sneakers for the same benefit. There are also "natural" dryer balls made of wool available.

Since we're on the subject of balls, I wonder if anyone has ever seen a sight like our final picture traveling down the highway.  Yes, you can actually purchase a pair of balls to hang from your vehicle!

They're reportedly easy to install and great fun!  Just watch your rear view mirror at stoplights!

Seriously, people?!?

Well, I know someone is laughing and it's the person who came up with this idea and is selling them for $18 to $25 a pop!  I'm just upset that I'm not that person. Nuts!

Laundry ball image found here
Dryer balls image found here
Truck balls nuts image found here

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