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Friday, April 12, 2013

An Addition to the Beauty Standard?

It is constantly implied that women need to look a certain way to be considered attractive.  The beauty product industry seems especially harsh but we have to blame society, itself, really. After all, if we didn't come up with the standards in the first place and convince ourselves that they have merit, then those companies wouldn't even exist!

I'm used to commercials selling us products to remove unwanted hair, perfect our skin tone, moisturize, tan our skin, dye our hair, enhance our facial features, lose weight and cover up/remove our natural scent.  This is considered normal as we, apparently, aren't attractive enough in our natural state.

Of course, we also must try to look as young as possible, as well!  There are hair dyes, age spot fading products, lotions to remove/prevent wrinkles and serums to plump up our skin to make it more youthful and, of course, surgical procedures if things get real bad.  Heaven forbid if we should actually look our age!

Now I've noticed some new commercials recently.  Apparently, there is one more thing that women need to be concerned about as they age:  their hair.  No, I'm not referring to graying hair.  I imagine is it presumed that we will all "wash that gray right out of our hair".  We are now being told that our hair changes as we age and we are in danger of having old-looking hair.  It thins out and the texture changes as we grow older - as gray hair tends to be more coarse. Plus women who dye their hair or use hair dryers, straighteners and curling irons might have damaged hair that needs attention.

But don't worry! All the major companies in the beauty industry have products to help us!  There are serums to restore and rejuvenate our hair, scalp revitalizers, and advanced thickening agents!

Yes, once again women are being told that we have a problem that we need to solve by spending money on products that will presumably help us look better.

Well, I call bullshit.

I'm tired of these companies who are trying to make money off of manufactured problems.  I'm disgusted with a society that wants to fit us all into the same molds.  Yes, our hair might get thinner as we age.  So what?  Yes, it'll gray.  Big deal.  To be honest, though my hair may have thinned, it has body that it never did thanks to my silver highlights. Even if that weren't the case, what is wrong with looking my age?

Sorry, folks, I'm not going to be doing anything to new to my hair.  I'm not going to dye it because I am nearly 50 and I am supposed to have some gray in my hair!  I'm certainly not going to spend money on beauty products to "fix" my aging hair!  What a waste of money!  I could find oodles of other items to spend money on if I wanted to waste it.

I can't be the only person who feels this way.

Isn't it about time to tell ourselves that there is nothing wrong with looking our age?  What is wrong with our natural appearance in the first place?  We don't need make-up to look attractive!  We don't need to smell like flowers - just clean!  Yes, I'll apply lotion if my skin is dry but I'm just fine the way I am for the most part.  My wrinkles and gray silver hair are part of me.  Don't like it?  I don't care.  I simply refuse to spend my hard-earned cash to purchase products that promise to help me fit into some stereotypical idea of what is considered attractive.  Enough is enough.

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