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Monday, February 11, 2013

My Thoughts on the Grammys

Did you watch the Grammy Awards last night?  I absolutely did!  There are two award shows I try not to miss:  The Grammys and the Oscars.

Here are my (rather random) thoughts on the show this year:

  • I was somewhat pleased to see that CBS's guidelines were followed by most of the people at the Grammys.  The dresses were getting a bit extreme, in my opinion, and it was time to take a step back.  We're interested in the music, after all, not how much skin a star can show. 
  • I thought that Janelle Monae was adorable in her matador style outfit!  She didn't present an award - that I saw - but the camera kept finding her in the audience during the show.
  • I was tweeting while watching the Grammys and I have to say that some people are really rude and mean!  Seriously, people!  How would you hold up if you had someone watching you constantly and critiquing your "look"?
  • That said... Seriously, Katy Perry.  That mint green dress was ugly and it's sole purpose seemed to be to highlight your... attributes.   You can put them away now.  We've seen them.
  • Adele, dear... I adore you but... oh, dear.  Perhaps a nice sold color would have been better than that print you wore.  From the neck up you were perfection, as usual.  The dress was an unfortunate choice.
  • I really, truly, try to like Mumford and Sons but... the banjo? I have a hard time with that sound. Reminds me of Hee Haw.  I keep expecting to see people popping up out of a cornfield.
  • Justin Timberlake - OMG.  Loved the performance!!  
  • Speaking of performances, thumbs up to Taylor Swift's opening Alice in Wonderland/circus number!  Awesome!
  • Best performance of the evening?  The Black Keys doing Lonely Boy with Dr. John and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band.  
  • I don't know who had the idea to show video on Carrie Underwood's dress while she sang but I hated it!  Take a look at the pictures here if you aren't sure what I'm talking about.  She really put in a fabulous performance but I was so distracted by the dress that I hardly heard it!!  Seriously stupid idea.
  • Speaking of voices, O.M.G. Kelly Clarkson!  I keep forgetting just how versatile her voice is but her Patty Page/Carole King tribute was awesome! Her dress, however...  well, oh my.  Everyone knows that if one is a bit wider in the middle, a big swatch of color around your waist is a bad idea.  There are more flattering looks.  That's all I'm saying. (And the dress she wore to accept her award was much, much more flattering!)
  • Yes, I know I said that I liked the more conservative dresses but this outfit that Kimbra wore was lovely on her! It really did seem to cover everything, though, so perhaps it was alright.
  • I enjoyed listening to Rihanna - and she was impeccably dressed - but I just can't ignore seeing her with Chris Brown - the man who beat her up a year ago.  I'm seriously concerned for her safety.  Yes, I know.  He says he's sorry.  They all say that and maybe they even believe it.  Then they behave badly again.  Unless he gets serious help, it'll happen again.  I only hope that she isn't too badly injured next time.
  • The tribute to Bob Marley was nice - and it was terrific hearing/seeing Sting perform!  He hasn't lost a bit of his voice as he's aged!  (and Bruno Mars was good, as well)
Did you see the awards show?  What did you think?  Did your favorite artists win?

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