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Monday, December 3, 2012

Texting Turns 20!

Twenty years ago today the first text message was sent. It was sent from a PC to a phone as phones didn't have keyboards back then.

(It said, "Merry Christmas", in case you were wondering. Not exactly "Mr. Watson, come here!  I want to see you!" but it'll do.)

Originally the text message was intended as a way for secretaries to page their bosses when they were away from their desk but we use SMS for so many other things now days.  This article gives you a bit more of the history as well as mentioning some of the many ways we use text messaging today.

I text people sometimes when I just have a short message for them but don't need to talk to them in person. For example, this morning I sent a short text to my daughter asking her to stop by the house and pick something up this week.  I wasn't sure if she was awake yet so I didn't want to call and I just wanted to convey a short message so a text was perfect.  If I needed feedback on something, I would have waited until after work today and called her.

I know some people who, even though they've had a cell phone for years, don't ever text anyone.  Sometimes it's because they don't have unlimited texting in their plan and prefer not to pay per text.  Sometimes it's because they simply prefer to talk to someone in person.

Do you use the text feature on your cell phone?

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  1. I personally text far more than I call. And on the other side of the coin, my mother has completely disabled texting on her phone.