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- J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Another Pizza Mogul Takes On Obamacare

First it was Papa John's owner who objected to the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare) and now another pizza company's founder is objecting to the legislation.

Tom Monaghan, the founder of Dominos Pizza, is objecting to the ACA because he believes that contraception is a "gravely immoral" practice that has nothing to do with healthcare and doesn't want his company to provide health insurance that covers birth control for women.  He's actually suing the government over this issue.

I'm sorry but I'm about to lose my patience with this sort of argument!  You know what I find "gravely immoral"?!?  Let's make a list! 
  1. People who want to impose their religious beliefs on another person! If you do not believe in using birth control then don't use it!   It is not up to you to decide whether or not your employees use contraceptives.  It is clearly not your business at all!
  2. Unwanted children being born and then abused or abandoned!  What exactly do you think could happen if a woman has no access to birth control?  It might result in an unwanted pregnancy and subsequent birth of a child who she did not intend to have. Wouldn't it make more sense to make it easier to avoid an unwanted child?
  3. Children being born who have parents who cannot provide for them! Exactly what do you think happens to these children?  Yes, they might put the child up for adoption but not all unwanted children are adopted!  Some of these children - especially those who are not "perfect" end up in foster care for the rest of their childhood.  Do you really think that is best for them?  Seriously? 
  4. Higher abortion rates due to unwanted pregnancies - that could have been avoided if low cost contraceptives were available! Abortions should be minimized and the best way to do this is to make sure that women have easy and cheap access to contraceptives!  And yes.  There are studies supporting this.
  5. Ignorance about contraceptives in this day and age! Contraceptives are prescribed for a variety of reasons - including, but not exclusively for birth control - and it isn't any of your business why unless you are the patient with the prescription!  Even if you object to using birth control yourself you have no right to tell me or any other woman what she should do. That should be up to her and that is that.
This lawsuit is ridiculous in the first place.  Do these people not read or listen to the news? Hobby Lobby tried to sue the government over the ACA and they lost their suit. What makes this case any different than that one?  There is no difference that I can see and I've no reason to believe that this suit will succeed either. It is simply a waste of time and money that could be spent on something more productive.

It's time to stop arguing and face the facts that the vast majority of people in the US want Obamacare enacted.  You're fighting a losing battle and just embarrassing yourself!

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  1. Although I agree with most of your points, it's not right to make a business owner pay for something that he or she is morally opposed to. Your point of imposing their religion on others can also be taken on the other side. I think governments intrusion into health care is unwise and will have lots of unintended consequences.

    1. I think that whether a medical procedure or medication is moral is subjective, for one thing. If we did things the way you suggest, then a company owned by a Jehovah's Witness would not have to cover blood transfusions for example. It would vary from person to person and we simply cannot allow lay people to be making medical decisions for others.
      The patient needs to be the one who decides whether or not a procedure or medication conforms with his or her beliefs. He or she is the one who is affected by the decision, after all. Isn't that the best way to go about it?