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"I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love."
- J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

Friday, November 2, 2012

News Bits - November 2, 2012

The big news this week is Hurricane Sandy.  I won't dwell on the storm or the damage as you can easily find more than enough information elsewhere about that sort of thing.  What I wanted to point out was a little story that demonstrates, to me, who we as Americans - and human beings - really are.
In Hoboken, New Jersey, there are folks who are still without electric.  Some residents, however, do have electric and are sharing their good fortune with others.  They are running extension cords outside so that people who want to charge their cell phones and other electronic devices - their life lines, really - can do so.
This reminded me of what I see happening all around me. When disaster strikes, neighbors help neighbors. In my neighborhood, people are helping others clear away fallen branches and trees from their yards. This is who we are and I hope that we always remember that.  It doesn't matter what our race or skin color is. It doesn't matter what our sexual orientation is or what gender we are.  It doesn't matter what political party we are affiliated with.  It doesn't matter whether we are religious or non-believers. We help each other.  When we come together, we are strong and there is next to nothing that we can't accomplish.

In other news, I heard yesterday that some Ex-Penn State officials are being charged with trying to cover up the actions of Jerry Sandusky over the years.  I hope that if they are guilty, they throw the book at them. Imagine all the suffering that could have been avoided it just one of them would have contacted the authorities and put an end to the abuse.  It boggles the mind that they could put anything above the safety of young boys.

In more positive news, I found this montage of the Best Inventions of 2012 on Time magazine's website. I, personally, am totally blown away by the indoor clouds, Google glass, the Mars rover and even the idea of self-inflating tires but am amazed it took this long to come up with body armor that fits women properly!  What are your favorite new inventions?

This week - today, in fact - the last space shuttle (Atlantis) is travelling to it's final resting place at the visitors center at Kennedy Space Center. I hope one day to travel to see one of these marvels of science up close. I never did make it down to watch a launch as I had once hoped to do. I guess we shouldn't put off doing things that we really want to do, should we? Life is too short and before you know it, the opportunities pass us by.  I hope that the US Space program continues to thrive and that we elect people who value the knowledge we obtain when we explore outside the earth's atmosphere.

Speaking of elections, this time next week we will have elected our next President of the US. At least I hope we know who won by Friday next week!  Things are looking plenty close in the polls right now - enough to make me one nervous individual! I've made no secret of the fact that I am strongly in support of President Obama in this election and that I think it would be truly disastrous if we were to elect Mitt Romney. I've enumerated my reasons in several posts which are summarized here so there's no reason to go into them again.  I hope that if you are registered to vote, that you do get out and vote next week.  Your vote really does count.

Have a good weekend, folks!  I'll be doing some canvassing for Obama on Saturday and perhaps Sunday, as well.  Hope you find something enjoyable to do, as well!

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