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- J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

Monday, October 29, 2012

Storm blog - Hurricane Sandy

Because the meteorologists are unsure what to expect from Hurricane Sandy when she collides with other weather systems, we are preparing for the worst here.

My boyfriend and I decided to prepare as if we knew we would be out of power for several days. We bought camp fuel -which fuels our camp stove and lanterns (for outdoor use, only)- and lamp oil for our hurricane lamp.  We bought extra batteries for the radio and flashlights and we bought ice for our large cooler.  We bought a case of water. We filled the extra propane tank for the grill.

We filled two 5 gallon containers of water so we have usable water if there is flooding and a "boil water" advisory.  We froze 4 gallon ice cream containers full of water so we'll have more ice for the cooler if we need it.

We have candles, lighters and matches.  We have extra blankets. We have plenty of canned goods.  I even ground extra coffee this morning as I realized I would be unable to grind the beans if the power goes out.

We are as prepared as we can be.
I'm going to keep a running blog of how things are going here so friends and family can know how we are doing (as long as we don't lose power, but then I can try to use my phone to post) 

October 29, 9:41 am: The weather maps now show that Hurricane Sandy has turned and started to move inland. She is currently still a level one hurricane. I can hear the rain hitting the skylight and the wind is gusting - but it isn't bad.  Winds will be picking up this afternoon, we are told.

11:39 am:  The local radio station tells us that motorists are being urged to stay off the roads unless it is an emergency.  I hear that the small city south of us is basically shutting down - all businesses are closing around noon.  Most of the office workers are leaving around noon here as most of them have to travel at least 10 miles to get home. I'm playing it by ear.  Right now I intend to be here until 3:30 - my usual time to leave - but if the wind/rain picks up anymore, I might leave early.  The rain has gotten heavier and you can tell it's being blown a bit. An umbrella would be out of the question right now.

12:49 pm: My remaining co-workers are leaving at 1:00. I've decided I'll stay until 3:00. K will pick me up then.  I'd stay 'til 3:30 but then I'd have to walk home in the rain and I can't use my umbrella because of the wind. I guess I don't mind missing 1/2 hour work today.  We'll be watching my grandchildren when I get home as my daughter, who is a volunteer firefighter/medic, will be staying at the fire station.  We'll have to take a wait-and-see approach on how long to watch them.  I think they'll be fine as long as we don't lose power.  Then, they might get scared if it gets dark.  Like I said, we'll see.

5:17 pm: The winds have really picked up.  We lost a fairly large branch from our tree. It is now on the neighbor's fence.  Nothing can be done about it right now.  Still have power but I'm going to shut off the computer so my bf will stop pestering me to do so. Will try to blog from my phone later but not making any promises.

October 30, 7:21 am: Directly after I unplugged the computer last night, the electric went off.  Seriously.  As I was straightening up, out they went!  They stayed out for a little more than 2 hours, then we got power back. It's blinked off and on now and then since then but I think it's on to stay.  The other half of the village is out of power, though.  Sucks to be them!
Our cable is out at home and thus we have no TV, internet or phone.  Damn that bundling idea!  So, since my bf is home from work and does not know what to do with himself until daylight, I'm at work. Alone.  Turned on the radio for company.  Okay, then!  I have some work I can do...  Some of the network is out but I can still get something accomplished!

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