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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Romney Betting On Stupidity Of Voters

As the Presidential election approaches, I find myself absolutely shocked that polls are showing that it is practically an even race.  I'm just appalled that anyone could even consider voting for Romney when we don't know what he truly believes or what he actually intends to accomplish! The man changes his opinion as often as he changes his magic underwear.

It seems abundantly clear that Mitt Romney will say whatever he feels is necessary to get himself elected. Don't believe me?  Let's look at his track record.

I'm going to start by taking a look at his stance on abortion because it is easy to track.
Now, I've no problem with a pro-life individual running as pro-life.  That's fine.  My problem is when a person pretends to hold different views than he does to get elected and that is exactly what Mitt Romney has done.  Don't believe me?  Ask his wife, Ann Romney. 
I’m happy to say that. Mitt has always been a pro-life person. He governed when he ran pro-choice--
Ann Romney might be alright with her husband's actions but I find it reprehensible - especially on such an important issue such as the rights of women.

Mitt Romney seems to think that the voters are stupid and that we won't check into whether his positions have changed or not over the years. Heck, the man doesn't even think that we will check into what he said last week to see if it is different than what he is saying this week! I say that the voters of this nation are savvy and that we can and will hold him accountable. Abortion is just one issue that he has waffled on.

  1. Romney has flip-flopped on gay rights.
  2. Romney supported the idea of an individual healthcare mandate before he decided he didn't.
  3. Romney does and doesn't support privatization of social security
  4. Romney has been a hunter all his life and isn't really a hunter.
  5. Romney supported amnesty for illegal immigrants, then didn't. 
And that's just a few! Who knows what the man believes or what he intends to try to do once in office?  The only thing I'm certain of is that when Mitt ran for office in Massachusetts, he leaned to the left and now that he is running for President, he is suddenly conservative.  I've no idea what he truly believes and I don't think he even does!

It is crystal clear that Mitt Romney feels that Americans stupid and easily mislead. It is obvious that the man will say anything to get into office and that makes him a very dangerous man, indeed.

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