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Monday, October 15, 2012

Both Candidates Concerned About Crowley

I'm sure that most of my readers already know that the second Presidential debate is scheduled for tomorrow night.  It is to be a "town hall" style debate with questions asked by the audience. I'll admit that this sort of situation isn't exactly what I would prefer for several reasons but it might show us how well the candidates interact with the public so it could be helpful.

I've seen several news articles indicating that both camps are concerned about how the moderator, Candy Crowley, will behave during the debate.  It appears that the candidates agreed to the town hall style setting with the understanding that the moderator would play a limited role allowing the audience to ask the questions themselves.  They understood that she would not rephrase questions, ask follow-up questions or even comment on the questions. In short, she is to behave like a  host:  Keep it moving but don't get involved in the interaction.  Frankly, this seems like a waste of Crowley's talents.  She is, after all, a reporter.

Well, it seems that Crowley's view of her role for the evening is a bit different. In an interview with the Huffington Post, she states, "I think it's always best when these guys engage with each other, but that doesn't mean I won't engage with them if that gets us closer to what we need."  

Even more interesting is the fact that, while the candidates have agreed to certain specifics concerning the debates, it appears that Crowley is not under any obligation to follow their rules. 

Well, now! These added circumstances have me a bit more interested in watching the debate than I was previously.  I hope that Crowley doesn't bow to the candidate's concerns and alter the way she behaves.  Wouldn't it be interesting if she insisted that they answer the questions that are asked?  I don't see them doing this, but still!  I'll be rooting for Candy Crowley in this debate. 

If you were attending a town hall meeting with these candidates, what question would you want them to answer?

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