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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Goodbye DirecTV; Hello Comcast

My boyfriend, K, and I have subscribed to DirecTV for several years.  We first became interested in the service when we heard about their NFL Sunday Ticket. See, both K and I are football fans but he's a Pittsburgh Steelers fan while I'm a St. Louis Rams fan. Living in central Pennsylvania, our local stations generally broadcast most of the Steelers games but we hardly ever are able to watch Rams games. When we subscribed to the NFL Sunday Ticket, we could watch our games the vast majority of the time.  The only problem cropped up when both teams were playing at the same time but we managed to work it out without bloodshed.

At first, we loved DirecTV.  We liked the range of channels that were available and we liked the fact that once we switched over to their service we were paying less than we had previously with Dish Network.  Then things started to change.

First, our old television died.  We bought a new one that was HD.  We called up DirecTV and told them that we had this new television and wanted to be hooked up to their HD service.  Certainly, we were told.  But... there was a fee of $50 to switch over and an extra $10 a month.  But, we argued, you currently offer HD to new subscribers with no extra fee!  It didn't matter.  If we wanted HD, we would have to pay a fee to switch over.  No, they could not make an exception and, frankly, I thought they were rather rude.  They acted like they didn't appreciate that we always paid our bill on time and were model customers.  We had even referred another customer to them!  So, we decided that we didn't need HD.  It was the principal of the thing. We would have cancelled our service with them right then and there but we had a contract with them so we decided to see that through.

Next, the NFL Sunday Ticket price started to go up.  And up.  And up!  Finally last year we decided that we simply couldn't justify the price and we told them we didn't want it. This year, we're told, they have brought the price down a bit - I imagine they had lost some customers over the years - but we still decided to go without.  Times are tough and we don't want to have an extra expense right now.

Then, we realized that our monthly price had kept increasing little by little and before we knew it, we were paying more than double what we had started out paying!  After the initial agreement, the price started to rise until now it is just absurd!

Enough is enough!

We called Comcast and asked what they could offer us.  We already use Comcast for internet as we have old phone lines in our area.  It's either cable or satellite.  We saved a little money by going with Comcast on our phone service, as well.  Well, it seems that we can get off much cheaper than what we are paying now for all three services combined if we switch to Comcast and bundle.

So! It's bye-bye DirecTV and I can't say that I'm sorry to see them go.  I think I'd feel differently if I felt like they appreciated our business but I never got the impression that they did. Perhaps they need to take a lesson from some of their competitors. It really does matter.

What do you think?  Have you ever felt unappreciated by a company you deal with?  What, if anything, have you done about it?

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