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- J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

Friday, March 9, 2012

Ripped from the Headlines VII

I don't know if you heard about this but I hadn't until yesterday.  A huge solar storm that really could have impacted Earth's magnetic field is currently causing us to be bombarded with charged particles.  It appears that this storm didn't impact us as much as experts had thought it might but it was good to take precautions.  Still, it appears that this sort of event will become much more commonplace over the next several years.  I'm slightly disappointed as I wouldn't have minded getting a glimpse of some northern lights (I've never seen them!) but I'm not sure that I would have this far south.  I was going to look, though!

Yesterday was International Women's Day!  There were no events in my area so I just reflected on how lucky we women are here in the US where we are able to vote, work outside the house and simply go outside our house by ourselves!  So many women don't have basic human rights in this world and it is shameful in this day and age that this is true!

Did you know that March is National Women's History Month?  I had somehow missed this, myself. The History channel, in spite of the large amount of non-history content on the airwaves (don't get me started on this...) , has quite a nice website that does seem to focus on history. This page highlights the Women's Suffrage movement in the US while this page discusses women who were pioneers in a variety of fields.  Check it out!

In news that makes me go WTF, the Arizona Senate passed a "wrongful birth" bill yesterday. The bill's sponsors intend it to prevent people from suing their doctors for malpractice if their infant is less than perfect. Now, to be clear, I think that people should not be suing their doctor unless the doctor caused their child to be "less than perfect"  because of his or her actions.  I do have an issue with this particular bill as it seems to allow a doctor to lie to a woman about the condition of the fetus she is carrying with no consequences. Certainly a patient should be given all the information she needs so she can make an informed decision and is prepared for the outcome! I dislike the implication that a woman can't make her own decision based on all the facts and that her doctor is more qualified to do so for her!  This is really the wrong way to go about things in this case, I believe.

Finally, Super Tuesday has come and gone!  Looking at the Republican Delegate Count,  Romney is - not unexpectedly - in the lead with 421 delegates.  Santorum is in second with 181, Gingrich has 107 and Ron Paul has 47.  It's still technically possible for anyone to win but getting a bit less likely that someone other than Romney will win the nomination.  Still, the race now turns to more southern states so the media is telling us that Gingrich might be picking up more support.  We'll have to wait and see if that is all media hype or if there is something to it.  Take a seat!  I'll bring the popcorn!

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