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Friday, March 23, 2012

Ripped from the Headlines! IX

I'll start off this week with a story for the "stupid criminals" file.  If you are going to lie to get out of jury duty, don't brag about it later on - especially on the radio! A potential juror was arrested and charged with a felony in Denver this week.  She created an elaborate lie to get out of serving jury duty, then bragged about it on a radio talk show months later.  The judge was listening to the show and the woman has now been arrested.  She would have been much better off just telling the truth to the judge and serving jury duty, now wouldn't she?

Speaking of Denver, I'm sure most football fans have heard that Peyton Manning has finally made a decision and will be playing for the Denver Broncos in the upcoming season!  You might also realize that Denver is the team that Tim Tebow (famous for kneeling in prayer during breaks in a game and for starting the trend of "Tebowing"  based on this action) played for last season.  Not to worry.  Tim Tebow is now going to play for the NY Jets. I've not heard if Sanchez (starting QB last season for the Jets) is going to be staying with the team or not.  Stay tuned!

Moving on...  it would appear that the Supreme Court of the US will be hearing cases pertaining to the Affordable Care Act next week. (You know, the healthcare reform bill that the Republicans like to refer to as Obamacare.)  SCOTUS is going to look at two different issues, if I'm not mistaken:  Whether mandating that everyone be covered by health insurance is unconstitutional and, if it is, whether removing that mandate invalidates the entire act or not. In my opinion, if you remove the mandate, you may as well throw the entire thing out, but that isn't my decision to make.  In any event, we probably won't know until June what their decision will be so let's just hope the government presents a good case!

And onward to the Republican Primary season! Mitt Romney won the Puerto Rico primary last Sunday and no wonder!  After all, Santorum made the mistake of telling them that they'd all have to learn to speak English for Puerto Rico to become a state - which, by the way, is not part of our current requirements. It's not hard to understand how that might not sit well with the residents of Puerto Rico, is it?

Tuesday brought another big win for Romney. This time in Illinois!

Let's take a look at the Republican Delegate count now. Romney is really pulling out ahead!  He has 563 delegates, Santorum has 263, Gingrich has 135 and Ron Paul has an even 50.  Up next:  a big 46 delegate stake in Louisiana on Saturday!

Speaking of Saturday:  The Reason Rally is this Saturday (tomorrow!!) in Washington DC!  Heck, yeah, I'll be there! (even though it's starting to look like it will be rainy)  I've been looking forward to this for months and cannot tell you how excited I am!!

Footnote: Late yesterday we finally got the coroner's report on Whitney Houston's death.  It appears that she died from an accidental drowning. She had cocaine in her system and heart disease which contributed to her death.  I'm saddened to know that she never did beat her drug addiction but I'm glad that her family finally has closure.

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  1. I really chuckled when I heard about the juror story. If she was clever enough to craft an elaborate though convincing story to get out of it, she should have been clever enough to know to keep her mouth shut about it.