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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Seven - February 12, 2012

Name the seven foods on the list of 10 foods causing the most salt intake that you like the most.
  1. Poultry - I'd better say this as I work in the poultry industry!  Luckily the poultry produced at our plant does not have the injected sodium solution that other brands might and I only eat the poultry from our company, so I'm not getting the amount of sodium others might in their poultry.
  2. Pizza - I'll admit it!  We love pizza at our house! We generally make our own from scratch, however, so we can limit the amount of sodium in ours - at least a little!
  3. Cheese - I love cheese.  (and it shows) I admit that I don't try to limit my intake of cheese as much as I should. It's so delicious!!
  4. Soups -  Canned soups can contain extra sodium and you have to watch the low sodium brands as they might just add something else you don't want to make up for it! You're better off to make your own soups (from your own broth), in my opinion, though I don't always have time.  I try to buy soups that have a lower sodium content when I do get canned soups.
  5. Breads and rolls - I try to buy healthier brands that are made from whole grain flours and don't contain high fructose corn syrup or too much sodium.
  6. Snacks - Who doesn't like crackers or chips now and then?  You just have to limit your intake and try to make healthier choices when you indulge!
  7. Pasta dishes - We have pasta about once a week.

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