Something to Think About

"I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love."
- J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Saturday Six - February 25, 2012

(I'm late posting this week because we had a new arrival in our family yesterday!  My daughter gave birth to a boy so I now have a new grandson! For those keeping track, I now have one of each - a grandson and a granddaughter.  What fun!)
1. Consider the last time you went shopping to a single store: which store was it?  Costco
2. Consider the last time you went shopping at a mall: which store was the first one you went into? Carter's Outlet
3. Do you prefer to shop in a mall or in a strip of stores downtown? It depends, I guess.  I don't like shopping so I generally know exactly where I'm headed for each item I want so if all those stores were together in a mall, that would save time and I'd like it.  Unfortunately this is rarely the case.  
4. You have to go downtown to purchase something in a store there, but the only parking places are parallel spaces near the store or a parking garage five blocks away: which are you more comfortable using? I'd park on the street if it is near the store. *shrugs*
5. Have you ever bumped another car while trying to park your own car? Yes.  I did! I was so embarrassed!  I got out and looked for damage but didn't see any to either car, thank goodness!
6. If you bumped a car while parking and you noticed a small mark on the car’s fender that you might have caused, but saw that no one saw you bump it, would you leave a note, or just move elsewhere and pretend it never happened? I think I'd have to leave a note.  It would bother me if I didn't. If I were in the other driver's position, I'd want to be able to contact the other driver - if only to tell them not to worry about it.

These have been the Saturday Six from Patrick's Place!