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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Six - January 21, 2012

1. What is your single biggest concern about legislation to block piracy on the web?  My biggest concern is that legitimate websites would be blocked or shut down - even temporarily - and cause them to lose customers.  
2. How much do you agree that creators (and copyright holders) of intellectual property should have legal protection to prevent others from directly profiting from their work? I totally agree that they should have legal protection.
3. What would be your first reaction if you found that someone else had reproduced your blog’s content without any credit? I'd be really upset!  (though I seriously don't think I'd have that problem...)
4. Have you ever had a website shut down (through a DMCA takedown notice) for plagiarism or copyright infringement?  No.
5. If you saw that a website was reproducing your content as though it was the writer’s own content, and that the writer didn’t respond to an email from you asking that your content be removed, would you consider filing a DMCA takedown notice? Perhaps.  I'd have to look into how much effort would be required on my part to do so and how important it was to me.  This would have a lot to do with how much of my content was copied, I believe.
6. What do you think should be the ideal response when someone posts copyrighted content, such as a pop song he doesn’t have legal rights to, on a site like YouTube? In my mind, I think we have to consider what the use was.  Was the material used to make money?  Then throw the book at them.  If not, then there should be a fine large enough to make them think twice about doing it again but not too large.  Of course, we have to consider the volume of copyrighted content used, as well.  Just one song shouldn't be considered the same as hundreds.

These have been the Saturday Six from Patrick's Place!  Feel free to visit his blog and play along!

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