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Friday, January 6, 2012

Just the Facts, ma'am**

Many of you may be aware that I live in Pennsylvania.  The area I live in is part of what is called the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.  In other words, water from streams and rivers in my area eventually drains into the Chesapeake Bay.  We are well aware of this fact - due largely to the efforts of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

The CBF are a non-profit group dedicated to "restoring and preserving the Chesapeake Bay." The foundation received the PISCES award  from the EPA last summer for their efforts.

I've just heard of a new study done by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation that, in their own words, "Debunks the Job Killer Myth" of environmental regulations.  We often hear from politicians that harsher environmental regulations will hurt the economy and cause job loss.  This study disproves that myth and shows that many times jobs are actually created by this sort of regulation. The report is certainly an interesting read and gives us a good basis to question some of the claims made against passing new laws to protect the environment.

A quote from the foundation's president, William Baker, seems to sum it up: "If history is any guide, regulations that reduce pollution will create jobs, strengthen local economies, and restore the health of our national treasure."

Maybe it is about time we replace the old rhetoric with some substantial facts.

**Speaking of debunking myths... it would appear that Dragnet's Sgt. Friday never actually said, "Just the facts, ma'am" according to Snopes!

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