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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Seven - December 4, 2011

Name your seven favorite characters from M*A*S*H.
This is a tough one this week!  I think I liked them all! Well... most of them.  I'll try to list my favorites, though...
  1. Hawkeye Pierce - Witty, intelligent, thoughtful... what's not to like? I've no idea how Alan Alda managed to memorize some of those lines, though!
  2. Maxwell Klinger - Klinger always makes me smile!  I love his various antics and how well he and Potter played off each other!  
  3. Father Mulcahy - He always treated everyone fairly - whether or not they were religious.  Seemed like a nice guy to get to know.
  4. Charles Winchester - Snotty and pompous, but funny to watch!
  5. Radar O'Reilly - I loved how Radar could read Henry Blake's mind. 
  6. Sherman Potter - What a character he was!  One classic scene that comes to mind is when Frank Burns tries to show off how he can drive a tank and ends up leveling a building or two and finally rolls over a jeep before he can get it stopped!  Col. Potter takes a look at destroyed jeep, shakes his head, pulls out his pistol and shoots the flattened jeep! Hilarious!
  7. BJ Honeycutt- Most of the time he played straightman to Hawkeye, but he seemed like a decent guy just doing his time in the military and hoping to get home to his family soon- though he could be the prankster himself, sometimes!
One complaint I always had about the show was the fact that there was only one 3-dimensional character who was female - Margaret Houlihan - and she was just awful, in my opinion.  She could have been a really strong woman but she chose to attach herself to a married man- at least for a while - instead of finding an unattached man to date or choosing to remain single - which is not an unreasonable option. Yes - she did eventually marry a man - and divorce him - but it didn't change my opinion of her. It just irritated me to see a strong woman who didn't live up to her potential.  I just despised her, to be honest.

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