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"I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love."
- J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

Friday, December 30, 2011

Store bought pies

There is something that bothers me.  It bothers me a great deal and probably more than it should. 

I often wonder:  Who buys store-made pies?  and  Do they really think that they taste good?!?

This came up the other day at work.  Someone mentioned that there were pies in the break room and that we should stop over if we want a slice.  Now... I love pie.  Frankly, I adore any pastry.  Mind, I'm not a cake person but I would have a difficult time cutting pies out of my diet completely. 

So!  I went over to have a look and there were two pies.  One was a coconut cream and the other was a cherry crumb but they were store-bought pies. I took a small slice of the coconut cream and hoped for the best.  It was bland and the crust was horrible.  I know I shouldn't have expected more but I have to wonder who bothers to buy these and are those people aware how horrible they are?  Have they never had a home-made pie that they think the store-bought ones are good or what?!?

I just can't figure out how a store makes money on these!  Who would spend good money on these poor substitutes for pie? The crusts are like cardboard and have no flavor.  A home-made pie has a tasty, flakey crust!  A store uses canned pie filling.  A good home-made pie will be made with fresh fruit or possibly fruit that has been frozen. There is just no comparison.

Do any of you enjoy eating a store-made pie?  Can you fill me in on what I might be missing?


  1. When I have to bring a dessert to some social function, I will usually go the store route. I've never bought a pie, because they tend to not be as good; cookies aren't that great, either, when purchased from a store.

    But some stores have really good cakes and that's what I'll tend to buy unless something else that I think will be good catches my eye.

    The main reason I go the store-bought route is that I'm not the greatest cook AND I rarely have the time to actually prepare something, as most of the get-togethers I'd go to end up being right after work on a weeknight.

    But I definitely agree on store-bought pies...they generally are bad no matter where you buy them. (The only exception I've found is the frozen variety that you have to thaw for a while. I've had some really good Key Lime pies of that variety. But then the thaw time can take HOURS...not the ideal option, either.)

  2. I hadn't considered people who need to bring a dessert to a function but I certainly can understand going the store-bought route in your situation! As you said, though, the pies are usually one thing to avoid.
    I think you are right, as well, that a store-bought cake can be very good. We have a small grocery store near here that makes very good cakes - though perhaps not as good as homemade!

  3. I know this post is like, forever old, but I have to reply!

    I don't like the litte cheapo store pies (the ones that are often $2-$3), but I do love the Farmer's Market brand ones or the ones at Costco. The FM ones, they are loaded with real fruit, not just gelatin-ized bits with lots of sauce. I can't buy the amount of blueberries that are in the pie for less than about $12 (even more in the dead of winter when a little tiny pint is about $4) before cost of pastry, and they usually cost about $6.50. I buy the good Vanilla Bean real ice cream, made with 100% Canadian milk & cream (because of our dairy system & laws, ALL Canadian milk is hormone & antibiotic free, so it's silly to buy "organic" milk, they are the same), warm up a slice of pie & then let the ice cream melt all over it.
    My grandma always made pies from scratch, but at the time I was around her a lot, I didn't really like pie, so I don't have a basis for comparison.

    1. Costco pies are to DIE for! I always look at them longingly as I pass as I really can't afford those calories in my diet.