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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Outrage and Implications

So... at some point yesterday I picked up on some sort of buzz concerning a building - or buildings, really. [Some of the trending topics on Google + caught my attention and I clicked to see what they were talking about] It appears that I'm a bit late to this story, but here's what I found out.

The buildings in question are pictured here. They are only in the planning stages at the moment but there is rather a large uproar about the design.

If you've not heard what the problem is, take a look at the picture and see if you can figure it out.

I really didn't see it myself until someone told me.  It seems that the buildings remind people of the World Trade Center towers and that bridge in the middle of the two buildings resembles smoke to some people.  [It reminds some people of the appearance of the Twin Towers when they started to come down.]

The buildings - called The Cloud - are to be built in Seoul, South Korea.  MVRDV, the Dutch company designing the buildings, states that it didn't see the resemblance and has issued an apology. [Click over to the MVRDV site via my link to see more images of how the buildings are to look. It really is a neat concept!  You need to see the drawings of what the living spaces will look like to appreciate the design, I think.]

Now I can understand people being upset at the resemblance.  I really can.  What I cannot understand is the direction some of the criticism is going.   Glenn Beck is apparently outraged and is calling for our troops to be withdrawn from South Korea.  The comments on the article about the building on The Blaze [which I believe is Glenn Becks news/propaganda opinion website] are ridiculous. It appears that there are people who are convinced that South Korea had the building designed this way on purpose! Now, seriously, people!

The building was designed by a Dutch firm. As far as I know, the Dutch have nothing against the US.  It is to be built in South Korea.  South Korea is our ally.
Why on earth would anyone reasonably assume the this is an intentional slight against the US?!?  
[Answer:  No one reasonable would make this assumption.]

And people wonder why I get so discouraged about the ignorance displayed by some Americans...

Image obtained from The Blaze article where it is attributed to MVRDV.  I hope there is no problem with me using it here.

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