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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Seven - November 27, 2011

Name seven Thanksgiving treats you’ve enjoyed over the past few days.
I should mention that our family meal was at my sister's house so we only have the leftovers of the dishes we took to the meal.

  1. Stovetop stuffing and mashed potatoes.  This is a dish that K's mother used to make that he made to take to the family Thanksgiving feast.  I never had tried Stovetop stuffing until I met K and I'm not a fan. Perhaps if you grow up with it, you get a taste for it.  Anyhoo... when K cooks, he makes  a lot so we will have plenty for another day or so.
  2. Corn casserole.  I tripled the recipe this year and was glad to see that there was a small amount left over. I figure that means that everyone got what they wanted and that's a good thing.  Most years I've doubled the recipe and came home empty so I thought a triple recipe might work better.  It did.
  3. Pumpkin pie.  This wasn't left over from Thanksgiving, but K's mother made one for K.  ("Since I don't bake".   This isn't entirely true - I do bake.  I just make sweets rarely because we're fat enough in this house and don't need them! )
  4. Cookies. Four different types. From K's mother.  See above.
  5. Biscuits!  I had forgotten these but noticed them when I went through the kitchen just now. We have 1/2 dozens biscuits left over from Thanksgiving.  My daughter took them to the meal.

Um... now I've run out of food items from Thanksgiving and extended it to food that technically doesn't count (though they were given to us "for" Thanksgiving)  I guess I don't have 7 items that fit the meme but I'll still submit these answers!

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