Something to Think About

"I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love."
- J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Little Things

I know... It's Thanksgiving weekend here in the US and many bloggers will create a post talking about what they are thankful for.  It's done so much that it really is a cliche to do so.

This will not prevent me from doing so myself - but I think I'll skip over the usual things we think of and concentrate this blog on something a little different.

Don't get me wrong.  I'm extremely thankful for my family, my friends, that I have a job in his economy and that I have my health.  Sometimes, however, it is the little things that seem important on a daily basis.

For example, I'm thankful that...

  • When my solid antiperspirant popped out of the container and hit the floor yesterday morning it did not crumble into a dozen pieces but stayed intact so that I could place it back in the applicator and use it... for I do not have a replacement.
  • When I tripped over a curb and fell on the way to work this week, the only casualty was my umbrella.  It is much better to have to replace that than deal with a broken bone, broken glasses or even a ripped jacket.
  • K's employer's facility is large enough that he and my ex-husband can both work there and not have to interact - as that would be a disaster.  Yes... K noticed my ex show up for work this week with a new group of workers from the temp agency.  He immediately went to his boss and suggested that they not place my ex on the same line that K works as this would not be best and the boss agreed.
  • I have one good pair of shoes that does not have a hole in the bottom and will prevent me from getting wet feet on the way to work when it is raining.  I'm not sure if I'm hard on my shoes or if they are just not being made as well as they used to be but I've a habit of wearing out the soles of the shoes before the uppers look worn!  This has happened more than once.  I even had a pair of shoes re-soled only to have the soles wear out again while the uppers look perfectly good!  I don't let the fact that there is a small hole in the sole keep me from wearing them, but I don't wish to wear them in rainy weather and end up with wet socks.
  • Even though I keep gaining weight I am still not in the "plus size" category.  It is a small thing and I might be squeezing into clothing that I really should not but I don't want to get that heavy!  I know... the solution would be to lose some of this extra weight but that is easier said than done when all I want to do is to stuff food into my mouth constantly.  I seem to have lost my urge to exercise at the same time so that just adds to the problem.  There's no easy solution, I'm afraid.
  • That people in companies like Think Geek have a sense of humor that matches mine so that I get to chuckle at their message on the email they sent out today which reads "Happy #000000 Friday!"
  • That NASA images can be used without permission on non-commercial web pages so I can use them on my blog - as there are so many fascinating pictures to share with all of you! (Note:  I usually link to the page I found the image on which will generally have a description of the image, as well, if you are interested!)
today's image courtesy of NASA


  1. I'm grateful, thankful that the store was open for me to have access to my coffee.

  2. I hear you! I do not function without my caffeine!