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- J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Warning: Geek Inside

So... a couple weeks ago I attended Intervention which is a convention in Rockville, MD. This is my second year attending and the second year of the convention.  I should note that this is the only convention I've ever attended - though I've been curious about Comic-Con and Dragon*Con but my major drawback is that they get so crowded and I'm nervous in crowds. (though I'm getting better)

Intervention isn't over-crowded because it is just starting out.  The first year saw 500-some attendees and this year I'm told that number doubled.  Quite a few of my internet friends have attended so that is a bonus. I've gotten to meet some folks that I've chatted with for years online. Very cool.

I've always considered myself a geek-wannabe.  I figured I wasn't smart enough or nerdy enough to be an actual geek. I didn't think I qualified because I don't play D&D or cosplay and I don't work in technology - even though I have a computer programming degree.  I just liked talking to folks who I thought fit the term "geek" and I do love science - but from the sidelines and I certainly don't have scientific knowledge to speak of. (and I didn't get good grades in science classes in school, even!)  My interests are too diverse and I tend to dabble - not specialize.

Well, at one point during the convention I found myself sitting in a room listening to a panel. I was seated next to people I had never met before and I realized that I understood all the inside jokes that were being told and I could easily comprehend - and appreciate - what was being discussed.  I wasn't bored or lost.  In short, I fit in very nicely.  I've realized at that moment that I am actually a geek - even though I don't speak Klingon.  I'm not a specialist, certainly, but my geekiness isn't something that I can overlook any longer.

So... yes.  I'm going to just embrace my inner-geek and the heck with people who don't understand me.  There are tons out there who do!  I met an entire convention full of people who get me just fine!

Seriously, though, if you live near the DC area - or close enough to drive there like I do - check out the Intervention website.  There's a lot of people and topics that may interest you there - webcomics, bloggers, steampunk, cosplayers and gamers! Check out the convention next year!  I know I'll be going back to Rockville again! (Despite REM's admonishment not to...)

Image of the Pacman Nebula courtesy of NASA

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