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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Seven - August 21, 2011


Name seven “classic” sitcoms you’d schedule in an all-day cable network comedy schedule.

This sounded simple, at first, but then I got to thinking a little and I realized that some of my first choices were aired so much that I think everyone has seen them- like All in the Family or I Love Lucy. I decided to create a list of shows I enjoyed that aren't as common to see in syndication now days.
I've listed the shows from older to newer (as best as I can figure out).

1. The Dick Van Dyke Show - No... I'm not old enough to have watched this when it first aired but I did get to watch reruns years later and it was hilarious!

2. Get Smart - Another oldie but goodie! I remember this show's reruns aired right after school one year and I would hurry home to watch it before dinner!
3. Bewitched - Another classic and one I didn't watch the first time around either!
4. The Odd Couple - Tony Randall's Felix was delightful to watch react to Jack Klugman's character's antics!
5. The Partridge Family - Yes. I include this mostly because I had a crush on Keith Partridge (played by David Cassidy) but also because I'm nostalgic for the music. I don't know if the show will have aged well, but I'd be curious to see if I find it watchable today. This is the first show in my list that I would have watched when it first aired.
6. Soap - This was a parody of soap operas and I enjoyed it immensely.
7. WKRP in Cincinnati - This show had me crowing with laughter at times! Remember the turkey drop?

You can play along, too! Visit Patrick's Place every Sunday for a new question!

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