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"I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love."
- J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday Six! - August 20, 2011

1. You feel a sniffle coming on: what’s the first thing you do to avoid a cold?
I don't think you can avoid anything at the stage you feel it coming on, but I'll try to do what I can to recover quickly: Get enough rest and eat well.

2. Once the cold hits for real, what over-the-counter medicine are you most likely to turn to? I'm prone to sinus infections so I'll usually take Tylenol Sinus or something like that. If it's a bad cold with a cough that keeps me up, I'll take NyQuil at night.

3. How often will you just suffer through a cold without any medicine? Not very often. As I mentioned, I'm prone to sinus infections so I need to keep them running at the very least.

4. What does it take to persuade you to finally go to the doctor for a bad cold? I can't remember going to the doctor for a cold - at least not in recent years. I suppose it would have to be pretty bad!

5. Are you more likely to go to the doctor or call in sick for a day at your workplace? I'm more likely to call in sick. I have to be able to think clearly at my job and sometimes I realize that isn't going to be a possibility so I'll call off. This doesn't happen often, though.

6. Which medicine has the absolute worst taste you’ve ever encountered? Hmm... Well, NyQuil is pretty bad but I've learned to put up with it. I tried some Theraflu stuff several years ago - a powder added to hot water - and I thought that was nasty.

These are this week's questions for the Saturday Six over at Patrick's Place! You can play along, too!


  1. I rarely get a cold, but when I do, it literally takes me out! Best medicine? Going to bed!!!! The worst medicine? Migraine medicine! The only thing that would ever ease my migraines was Alka-Seltzer! OMG!! I would manage to get it down, and then throw it up! But once that was over, my headache would ease up!!

  2. That sounds similar to my cure for an upset stomach! I'd take Pepto Bismol and it would come back up - but I'd feel better almost instantly! I don't think that's the way it is supposed to work, but it did for me!