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"I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love."
- J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday's Fave Five

I came across this at Living to Tell the Story and I thought I'd participate this week! We are to list 5 favorite things from our past week. Here goes!

1. A "real" day off. I have a vacation day from work today and I've made no real plans! They'll be no running around and just a tiny bit of housework but I the rest of the time I'll do as I please! Just a nice, lazy day to catch up with friends online and maybe write a letter or two if I take the time.

2. First corn-on-the-cob of the season. We found some delicious ears of salt and pepper corn at a local store this week. We soaked it in water and cooked it on the grill in the husks. It tasted like summer!

3. Not so hot days. I'm so glad that the heat died down just a bit this week! It's been over 90 degrees and humid for weeks with little or no rain. This week saw some days in the 80s and some rain! My grass is starting to look a little healthier and if this keeps up, we'll have to mow it soon!

4. The groundhog under the shed. Yes. This is an odd addition. Let me explain: We have a dog named Brooke who is probably the worst couch potato you've ever seen! She's not overweight as we're very careful about that but... she's not very active and I worry about this. Earlier this week, I let her outside to "do her business" and she spotted a groundhog down near the shed. Well! She took off running toward it and it turned around and disappeared under the shed! Ever since she spotted that groundhog, my Brooke runs outside and races down to inspect the area around the shed every time we let her out. I'm sure the groundhog is long gone (K looked and could find no sign of it) but Brooke is on the job! She spends a lot of time racing from one side of the shed to the other so she is certainly getting her exercise!

5. Meeting new online friends. I've been getting to know some new people online recently - most through participating in memes like this one! It's wonderful to get to know people from all over the world online and I'm grateful for all my friends - new and old.


  1. Welcome to FFF, Strange. As you've noted, memes are a great way to get to know folks. And after I write my posts and then read what others wrote, I am on a "Happy High!"

    I never thought to soak my corn in water before grilling. I imagine that helps it not get so dried out. Thanks for the tip.

    I wish I could find some external motivation for exercise. Your description of Brooke's inspections made me smile.

  2. Welcome to FFF! Glad you've had good corn. It hasn't been so great here.

    Your Brooke story made me smile. Hope you have a great week!

  3. Welcome to FFF! It's so nice to meet someone new and have you participate.

    Your dog's antics made me smile. They are so funny and personalities all their own.

    You now have me craving corn on the cob. We are in an area that is known for it's corn and I can hardly wait. I've never tried it on the grill. How long did you soak it before putting it on the grill?

  4. Hi, everyone! It's nice to meet you all!
    Susanne: We usually soak the ears at least an hour.
    Susan: Yes! It helps them not to dry out so it's great!
    Laura: I'm sorry to hear you didn't have good corn this year!

  5. Welcome to FFF, Strange. I enjoyed your story about your dog Brooke especially since we are dog sitting our friends' pit bull this week. I agree, blogging is a great way to meet new friends!