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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Aftermath of Hurricane Irene

So, then! Turns out Hurricane Irene had more of an affect - or rather, a different affect - than we thought it would in our neck of the woods!
We were told to expect winds of 20-25 mph and heavy rains! We were told to expect flash floods and regular flooding as the ground was saturated.
In reality we got much less rain than was expected and the winds were greater than we had been anticipating!
In our area there were countless tree limbs down causing power-outages, cable interruptions, roads to be closed and ultimately causing the first day of school - Monday - to be cancelled in our school district. In fact, the one elementary school didn't have the power back on Tuesday but they held classes anyway. I'm told the power is back on as of last evening so all should be back to normal there.
In our house, our cable - which supplies our internet service and phone service - went out around 2AM Sunday morning and was restored some time during the day yesterday. (I know what time as my daughter was Skyping with her boyfriend who lives near Philly when it went out)
Our electric flickered on and off during the early Sunday morning hours - apparently due to a power line up on the main street which was arcing - and finally went out for good some time after 10:00 AM Sunday morning. It came back on about 2 1/2 hours later so it was no big problem. We simply didn't open the fridge or freezer while it was out so we were sure all the food items were fine.
So, all in all, we had some clean-up to do in our yard and the alley next to our house as our big tree dropped quite a few branches, twigs and leaves during the storm but that was the extent of our problems. Being without internet was a bit of a pain, but not a life-threatening situation and we all have cell phones so living without a phone line wasn't too bad.
I'm glad that everything is now back to normal but I'm keeping a wary eye on Tropical Storm Katia now. You never know what these storms are going to do so it is best to be prepared!
photo courtesy of NASA

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